Compact Fishing System fits into a large pocket or small bag. It is collapsible and consists of three small parts, coils, pen and stylish miniature rod shaped springs that are customized to any style of bait fishing.

Tension rod is the main difference Wormy Compact Fishing Systems from ordinary rods. Spring greatly reduces the length, it acts like a catapult, helping to throw bait far not only from above but also from the side and from below, and catch fish in places where conventional long rod is not possible. Small size helps take the device with you anytime and anywhere.

Wormy Compact Fishing Systems is essentially a Swiss Army knife of fishing. Due to the modular design, the bait can be customized for different styles of fishing. The components can be purchased separately or as a kit. The central part is an aluminum spool holder for attaching the coil to the top or bottom location. At one end there is a threaded hole for any handles, mounted on another different springs.

Springs come in three sizes; they differ in the diameter of the material, length and number of turns, and in accordance with six different rods. The developer also offers a special ring, which is attached to the spring, and minimizes the chance of entanglement of fishing line. In some cases this ring is really necessary depending on the type of line, and weight of the coil.

By the way, the project Wormy CFS managed to get the first prize at the annual award Hungarian Design Award. You can preorder Wormy Compact Fishing Systems starting from €159 via Indiegogo

Available at for €159