WonderCube has a name that perfectly describes its purpose and you need to get this “shut up and take my money” thing right away. WonderCube is a one cubic inch keychain that seamlessly houses 8 mobile essentials and you won’t dare to ignore it this time. Either you want to make a data transfer, charge your device on the go or just wanna mount more space to your Smartphone, all you need is this tiny little 1 inch cube. It has a foldout flexible USB Cord to easily connect it with iOS/Android devices. Pretty much like the iStick that you could use to connect with only iOS devices, WonderCube works perfectly as a normal USB stick to transfer files from computer.

WonderCube is made of durable ABS Plastic material and promises a splash proof protection. With microSD card slot under the USB key, you can easily mount a memory card (up to 64 GB). While, you are on the go and your phone’s flat, just grab a 9-volt battery and dock it onto the WonderCube (it has a hook up for it too). A mini torch light also feels cool which helps you do stuff in the dark. Interestingly, it works excellent as a phone–stand too!

WonderCube has two Base versions, Apple Lightning version and micro USB version (In case your wife has Samsung, Don’t forget to grab both!). Infact, it’s compatible with majority of the smart devices you may find in the market like, windows, blackberry etc.

It’s a thing you don’t really wanna leave behind before going on a trip. The last thing is a harsh truth about you and that is: “You’re the only one who’s just looking at it and haven’t funded this yet”.

Available at indiegogo.com for $49+