Finally, it’s time of celebration for iPad and iPhone users and say goodbye to time-consuming iTunes synchronization. You need not to burn the candle at both ends now. This 2-in-1 iStick by Hypershop works as a USB flash drive on one end while integrated Lightning connector for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch on the other. We can’t say it’s the very first flash dive that features a Lightning connector. Instead, it’s the first to be officially approved by Apple.
iStick offers variety of storage options starting from 8GB up-to 128GB. Connect it to your iOS device and enjoy 1080p HD movie streaming directly played from iStick. Furthermore, you can do the transfer from iStick-to-USB at 12MB/s (Reading) and 7.5MB/s (writing) speeds, iStick-to-iDevice at 2.5MB/s (Reading), 1.9MB/s (Writing) speeds. You will need a dedicated app to be installed on your PC or Mac, which will be available after its successful funding at kickstarter. Back the project Now. Via Kickstarter

Available at for $79