From Phoenix, AZ. ODB Solution has created the new sleek gadget OBDLink MX WiFi, a fun way to talk to your car via Smartphone. After installing it in your car, it connects directly to your car’s on-board diagnostics port and let you to have a real-time interaction with your car. It takes just 3 minutes to set-up the OBDLink, just plug it in, download the obdCANex app to your Smartphone (Android, Windows or iOS) from the available secure network and you are good to go. With the OBDLink MX WiFi you can execute diverse errands like remote start your car, lock/unlock doors, create a digital dashboard/heads-up display, clear or turn it on/off Check Engine light by investigating the causes and ca even improve gas mileage of your car. OBDLink MX WiFi will be released as an open platform to persuade developers to create apps for the device. Grab it and control your lady!

Available at for $79