Volterman is determined launch one of the Most Advance Smart Wallet in the market. The wallet doesn’t only house a builtin 2000 to 5000 mAh Wireless Charging Powerbank but also gives unprecedented Internet access at much cheaper rates (up to 3 times lesser than regular) while you’re roaming. Distance Alarm, Global GPS tracking and theft Detection Camera are some of the features that gives Volterman another competitive advantage over the other Smart Wallets available at amazon. The Powerbank should be good enough to fully charge one smartphone. Interestingly, it globally tracks itself as well as your Smartphone, so you don’t have to worry about thieves. Since, the wallet and your Smartphone are always connected via bluetooth, if you forget your smartphone/wallet behind, it’ll start ringing until you come close and pick it up. Back the project at Indiegogo!

Available at indiegogo.com for $139