Escape from the urban chaos while maintaining all the facilities that provide you comfortable life. This mobile home was made by Danish designer brand Vipp.

Designed in a loft style the Vipp Shelter is a 55 square meter living space. Simple but strong steel frame forms the basic structure of the building, which is divided into two floors. To offer unobstructed views of the surrounding nature the front and rear sides are managed by large glass walls. Glass partitions allow amazing views from inside and outside and the interior becomes the part of nature. All the furniture is designed by Vipp itself. Integrated fireplace ensures that the heat is also sufficient in cooler weather.

In addition to glass walls, to benefit from sunlight some parts of roof are also made of glass. High roof also increases the feeling of space. Steps lead to the upper floor where you can find master bedroom. Here you can enjoy the starry nights directly from bed.

Vipp is now accepting order for Shelter but it will cost you $585,000 to own one.

Available at for $585k