Not everyone has the luxury of living in an open space that welcomes plenty of natural light. A drab, dull appearance can also affect your mood within the home, as it may feel impossible to transform a small, dark room into a spacious, light and functional area. For this reason, we’re offering 6 essential tips to make a small, dark space appear much larger.

Paint the Floor White

One handy trick to elongate a space is by painting a floor white, which will make a room feel much bigger. The bright flooring will make a room feel lighter, brighter and airy, so your guests will focus more on the interior design over its limited size.

Avoid Stuffing a Room with Furniture

Don’t try to cram too much furniture into a small room or it may appear cramped and untidy. Maximize your space by picking a few functional and fashionable furniture pieces, which should be lightweight and minimalistic. For instance, a low-profile furniture with legs will showcase the space underneath, and so it will create a much bigger space for you and your guests to enjoy.

Reflect Light with the Right Accessories

Decorative accessories can either amplify your space or detract from your room’s size. Aim to incorporate accessories that both emit and reflect light. For instance, if you are limited on space for a table or floor lamp, opt for wall-mounted sconces, which you should place in areas that don’t receive much light. From metallic accessories to hanging a mirror opposite the window wall, there are many ways you can create the illusion of space to present a beautiful interior design that will be memorable for all the right reasons.

Flush Mount Lighting

Do you have a small room with a low ceiling? Flush mount lighting could be the answer you’ve been searching for. The stylish fixtures not only complement a range of interior designs, but allow ambient light to flow throughout a small space. Buy flush mount lighting to transform the look and style of a small, dark bedroom.

Brighten Up Your Walls

Add a little color to a small, dark room by brightening up the walls with a light or neutral color. While dark colors can add both scale and definition to a room, light colors can add air and openness to a tiny space. Unless you are a lover of the cozy look, use white or bright colors by using acrylic sheets to maximize your room’s size.

Floor Length Drapes

Floor-length drapes might be all you need to make a window appear larger, as they can help to extend a wall visually. Beautiful floor-length drapes will highlight a small window, so your eyes will be drawn to its size and view, which will add much-needed light into a room. However, avoid anything shorter than floor length, or you could risk cluttering a space. If in doubt, remove the drapes altogether and restore your privacy with blinds.