Tall Arquitectos is known to have experience where the others don’t appear to be interested in. The amazing Cantilevered Hanging Restaurant Biré Bitori is among some of their finest works in Mexico. Hanging over the edge, Cantilevered Restaurant is clearly a heart-stopping diner. Especially for adrenaline junkies, this restaurant is just another way of hanging over a canyon.
The floor is made of glass, which may not only suit the design architect in terms of reducing weight but also it’d allow a stunning view of the deep heights (approx 6,000 feet) beneath the restaurant. Viewers are open to take panoramic photos along with of famous Basaseachic Falls in the front. Biré Bitori is made with minimal design architectural engineering while the material finishes of Biré Bitori render

The glass and concrete materials elegantly blend into each other to show a natural material palette. Alongside the complex, there lies steep and sharp rocks inviting the Base Jumpers to dive from 6000 ft height. Biré Bitori luxury diner is not alone in this creative hanging restaurant ideas. Check out.
Dinner in the Sky

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