The official name of this ride is “Autoveicolo Da Montagna”(mountain car). The purpose of the project was to create a mechanism for crossing mountain ranges. The pictures are exhibits from the Russian Museum “motomire Vyacheslav Sheyanova (Motor of war)” in Samara. It was restored in Italy by Master Costantino Fronalini, who manages his own museum. In the early 60s the company Moto Guzzi developed a specialized machine, a “mechanical mule” to transport goods through the mountains. From a technical point of view, we consider a masterpiece of engineering. The front wheel is a chain drive, and there are also switchable differential is established between the front and rear axles. Rear track can be adjusted depending on the operating conditions. The tri-motorcycle can bear 500kg or weight maximum. Now days its hard to find this kind of thing available to ride. But you can draw some inspiration to create your own version. [via]