If you’re traveling to surf beaches on rugged trails you might also like Deus Ex Machina Bali Dog Motorcycle. Bali Dog is an awesome blend of old steel and customized components such as bespoke fenders, custom fittings, sleek design and a bunch more class. The Dog motorcycle has been remodeled for long off-road terrains. Seats have been swapped out, bars have been replaced, tanks have been hand-built and redesigned and in each guise it has become unrecognizable from the beast it was before. 21-by-1.6 rims, Suzuki TS bars, vintage lamb and one off seat. These are some of the sleek and sexy modifications that make this dog a faithful and daring bike. The upcoming Deus temple of Enthusiasm short film, Dust, features the Bali Dog and Forrest Minchinton.

Available at deuscustoms.com for Inquire