If you like to talk about custom bikes, Death Machines of London(DMOL) is a sort of a brand you’d wanna look for. They are always eager to strip an old 80’s bike down to its bones and then restoring/rebuilding it into a new Death Machine. This time 1981 Moto Guzzi Lemans MK2 was completely disassembles and vapour blasted prior to a forensic inspection. The restoration process resulted in a bespoke dash which incorporates 1940 Merlin Spitfire aviation warning lights and main switch. In order to hide all electrical components from the view and ensuring the minimalistic approach the frame was delugged & Airtailed. The whole new transformation of the engine includes polished, lightened and balanced crankshaft, new valves and in-house gas flowed cylinder heads. Alongside, a lightweight R.A.M clutch and flywheel were also installed. DMOL has made this ride-able machine by considering every aspect of remodeling. They’ve carefully crafted each part to make such kind of incredible design and exceptional performance possible.

Available at dmolcustoms.com for $TBA