Let’s just forget all the tablets for a while and focus on the bigger screens we have in our Living Rooms. Ever thought we could do something else with those screens? Well, now Touchjet WAVE can give you touch interactive ability on any normal flat TV screen. The Touchjet is a small Android device that attaches to the top of Flat Screen TV. It pretty much works in the same was as this Virtual Projection Keyboard does. It will work with any TV as long as it has an HDMI input (Display range between 20″ to 80″).

By allowing you better control over the Android interface, TouchJet Wave may not only add more fun to your regular needs (Play games/Install/Delete apps) but it could also increase your productivity. You may present interactively, navigate the screen exactly as you navigate through a tablet, work on home assignments or just brainstorm ideas in a better environment. Most importantly, it’s available at a very cheap price.

Available at indiegogo.com for $99+