High rental costs are getting to the nerves of many people. The Tiny Project created by Alek Lisefski is the answer to put the rental dilemma behind. A tiny 8 by 20 feet house with 24 sq-ft outdoor porch is perfect for a tiny family. It consists of an elegant interior including a well-sized bedroom including a bath, basin and a toilet. There is a mini kitchen plus stainless steel 2 burner stove, lofty ceilings, an extra space for shelves and a dining table are also included. The house also has 10 windows with a glass door for natural light, a storage cabinet for propane, a washer/ dryer unit, water heater and an extra space for random house-hold stuff. A small stainless fridge and an oven unit can also be placed in there. Attach it to the RV and hit the road for an adventure.

Available at project.com for $TBA