This is a sweet and compact and low-budget wooden house that can be an ideal living space for students or nerds. And, the low budget doesn’t mean cheap materials and abysmal design. The best of its aspects is the maneuverable nature of the structure. Yea, if you’re planning to move to countryside, take it with you. That sounds like an awesome offer promised by the company based in England. Back to the point, the real and coolest way to get this house is in it unconstructed form. The company provides almost ready materials and lets you enjoy the sweaty moments of assembling it yourself. However, if you don’t want to build your own, the company delivers it. The price is $11,000 which is pretty a mealy-mouthed claim as per the area or luxurious interior. The room is quite comfortable for one individual. The attic is equipped with a bed while a sofa, a sink and a table with a TV are downstairs.

Available at for $11000