For user of cryptocurrency the universe is spreading gradually. The ShiftCard aims to bring digital currency use into real world with their VISA powered bitcoin debit card. TheShift is the first ever debit card for bitcoin users through which they can shop from over 38 millions merchants using their cryptocurrency. All you have to do is simply signup at for debit card and connect you all existing Cionbase accounts and starting using bitcoin on all VISA accepted locations.

But there is a catch, You can transact for max $1000 in a single day. if you’re spending from your Dwolla account, there is a daily ATM withdrawal limit of $500 and in case of withdrawal from Coinbase account ATM will let you take $200. The charges of usage are $2.50 when you use domestic ATM, and $3.50 for international ATM and you’re charged 3% for international transactions as well, however domestic transactions are free.

Available at for $10