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The Hot Tub Boat

It’ll be absolute fun to have a bunch of friends and Hot Tub Boat to hit the coast. Here comes, a small electric boat with a built-in hot water pool. The Hot Tub Boat features custom features s slatted deck viz. handcrafted from African teak. It drafts only 20″ even when filled with 2100 lbs of weight. An integrated diesel-powered boiler with adjustable thermostat keeps the water hot to an optimum level. Entertainment isn’t ignore, developers has added a waterproof stereo system boasting 50-watt speakers that pop out of deck. To keep the eatables and drink it has four ice chests and separate storage compartments. The boat gets a rechargeable battery bank that provides up-to 10 hours of constant power. The inbuilt 24-volt electric propeller is enough to push it at 5 mph — makes it a safe ride on calm waters.

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