Flycraft is an affordable boat for adventure enthusiasts. The inflatable boat designed to meet various requirements of fishing with fun. The Flycraft can hold two people sitting or standing with space for gear you will need to enjoy fishing with full convenience. Made of durable material and double layer of PVC armor at the bottom this craft is proven to bear all the roughness of rivers and ocean. The Flycraft comes with different packages so you can order what is required. The based package costs $2995 and includes:

– 5 Air Chamber bomb proof raft
– Stiched floor
– Leifield C7 valves
– 7-peice ultralight aluminum frame
– Internally ran anchor system
– Brass oarlocks
– Cam Straps – includes 5
– Ultralight spring filled seats with 360 degree seat swivel
– Grade 8 seat mounting hardware
– Stainless steel frame bolts
– 2-way Bravo high capacity air pump with aluminum shaft
– Pressure gauge
– Field repair kit

Flycraft is also available through Kickstarter and starts from as low as $2495.

Available at for $2995