An idea, originally conceived by the designer H.Bekradi— founder of HBD Studios. The Concept of L’Amage Luxury Superyacht shows a cutting edge style combining modern design esthetics with delicate woodwork on the surface. The whole yacht measures 190 meters in length and 28.5 meters in width. The bow is altered with a tailplane and a helipad on the top which makes it pretty unique in its own kind. The exterior of the ship features clear lines on the top of wooden floor. The satellite domes on the top of yacht that has been the industry standard for years, is first time replaced with flat panel satellite by KYMETA. This project aims at proving a passenger capacity of 28 guests, 14 staterooms and private apartment for the owner and 70 crew members. Futuristic ship requires a propelled drive framework which joins diesel motors and gas turbines. The propellers of L’Amage superyacht produce 95,000 hp pushing it to a max speed of 32 knots. Whereas, The fuel capacity of 1500 tons enables this vessel an approx. 6000 nautical miles of Wandering Voyage trip. The Superyacht Concept is furnished with the most innovations using current technology and is developed in collaboration with naval architects.

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