With Nautilus houseboats you will not only experience the underwater world in your own home, but can also take exciting city tours. Nautilus Houseboats has specialized in the development and construction of innovative design houseboats. As a young, innovative company, the company focuses a modern lifestyle for customers. Since its founding in 2010, the company has already implemented more than 30 houseboats for satisfied customers throughout Germany.

With the Nautilus Houseboat and its exclusive design, you are the focal point on all waters. Admitted to the sports boat you can drive almost any waterway. The highlights are the fold-side decks, a convertible roof and folding bunk (all optional), which allow you even narrow locks and low bridges to happen. Depending on the room layout offers the guy Nautilus in the basic version with approximately 42 square-meter of space for 6 to 8 adults and 2 children. An extension of the living space is possible up to 86 square-meters. With a Nautilus houseboat you get the same comfort as in your dream home on land.

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