This ingenious idea is conceived by Harriet Harriss, an interior design teacher at RCA, and her students. To help Syrian refugees who are fleeing to Europe to escape war-torn homeland the designers have created a coat that doubles as sleeping bag.

Dubbed as “Syrian Refugee Wearable Shelter”, this coat is constructed out of Tyvek with Mylar insulation inside. The Tyvek is used on construction site as protective shield against hazards. Both materials are cheap enough for the mass production of affordable shelter.

The wearable shelter works like a parka and features few pockets and a hood too. When unfolded it gives enough space for a parent and a child.

Currently the project “Syrian Refugee Wearable Shelter” is hosted at Kickstarter trying to raise £300,000. The mission is to hand wearable shelter to every refugee who needs it. You can take part in this noble cause by pledging £10.

Available at for £10