Low-cost but nearly indestructible Sleepaways In A Sewer Pipe is not a bad idea in urban areas. Instead, it’s the most adaptive reuse of the available sources. Das Park Hotels, they’ve got a name, have been there for public in Austria and Germany.

Space-saving, easy to maintain and affordable accommodation is need of the hour in urban areas almost in every country. Andreas Strauss, an Austrian architect, earns the credit of reshaping the idea of turning unused sections of concrete sewer pipes into inhabitable dwelling place.

These eco-friendly and unique lodgings have space for two guests each. The natural material makes the inner temperature relatively cool in summer. Just a bed for two, a lamp, requires only basic cleaning, no big mess of course.

A shared bathroom is built in a separate unit for a shower, no toiletries. Don’t worry, these pipes have never been used for sewerage even for once. Plus, they can save you floating on the night of great apocalypse flood. Booking for 2015 season opened.

Available at dasparkhotel.net for $TBA