Belzberg Architects group is proud to claim that they have constructed this Skyline Residence on an uneven ridgeline in the Hollywood hills within a limited budget. They employed a concept of “Carbon Neutral Economics” to undertake this awesome project. The concept implies that purchasing of all goods will be done locally to save carbon transportation emissions. It was due to the limited budget target. But, as we see the interior, hi-tech systems including photovoltaic panels, recycled products and wind turbines, we are bound to admire the achievement of Belzberg architects for finalizing the Skyline Residence for reverting back to local purchase and minimized grading.
On the terrace, a big screen is installed outdoor while the walls are made of premium glass panels. On the very edge there is a pool where you can enjoy the beautiful sights of the city. Located in Los Angeles, CA, the area of the residence is 5800 sq.ft perched atop of the hills where the supercool view of LA at night mesmerizes the residents. Since 2007, the project has won five awards for best private residence until 2009.

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