The folks at Gray Design Sidewinder put everyone and everything on silence and introduce their next plan on saving humanity with the Sidewinder Dramatic Future Car. In the wake of Zombie Apocalypse, the Sidewinder is specially made to bear what they can throw at it. Well, the game is still to begin as the manufacturers seek to claim something else. The Sidewinder is actually designed to flourish your hobby of sand dune racing in luxury and style. It is powered by an LSX Bowtie big block engine and boasts top speed of 150 kph on sand. Capable of reaching max power of 630 @ 6400rpm and the torque capacity 600 @ 5400rpm, this badass road killer takes 4.2 seconds to hit 60 mph from zero. The actual element of resistance is performed by front and rear chromoly arms, anti-sway bars and 3.0 KING bypass shock absorbers. Interior of the car features an array of Android outfitted OLED infotainment and display screens all around the driver seat. In order to control our breaths, they must tell us beforehand when to hit the production.

Available at for $TBA