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Satechi – Cortana Button for Windows Devices

The Satechi Cortana Button gives you easy access to Windows 10 virtual assistant Cortana. Windows 10 Cortana requires you to use “Hey Cortana” feature to get started, for which it remains continuously active in background unless you disable and it can drain your battery when not in use. But with Satechi Cortana button you can remotely activate Cortana within 40 feet of range without reaching your device while you’re driving, eating or having busy hands. The Cortana button uses no software or app to work. All you have to do is pair the button to Window device via bluetooth. It uses built-in CR2016 battery which has an amazingly long battery life of up to 2 years.

Satechi Bluetooth Cortana Button for Windows 10 (3)

Satechi Bluetooth Cortana Button for Windows 10 (2)

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