Classroom or office warfare has been taken to the next level with new Rubber Band Machine Gun or by putting it simply The RBmG designed by Alex Shpetniy from Ukraine. This is an extraordinary firearm (more of a toy) against your opponent. This bad boy is fully automatic with trigger apparatus using 5 small batteries, based on the principles of Gatling machine gun and it is made of birch oak plywood and CNC machine has been used in the making. The RBmG can be assembled in just about 30 minutes with the help of pliers and screwdrivers. The RBmG is accessible in three different color versions (standard, black wood and burnt wood). You can shoot up to 672 of ammo (of course of rubber band) in one go with 14 bands per second and you may relive the experience of Rambo’s First Blood. This Kickstarter project needs to be given a shot!

Available at for $85