Sony revealed Red Bull X2014 titled Gran Turismo 6, after the collaboration of Polyphony Digital with the brilliance of Red Bull’s chief engineer Adrian Newey and unbounded imagination. This is the car that formula one racecar driver would admire to race in if the regulations ceased to exist. Soon to be released, GT6 includes fan car (dubbed X2014/F), the standard car (X2014/S) and the junior car (X2014/J). This is not the first time for Newey, he has done work on its predecessor the original X1, GT5 Citroën for the game called GTbyCitroën with 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 engine with the horsepower of 1557, producing 1483bhp, with the top speed of 280mph, which never got the chance to see the real life beyond the game. The new GT6 X2014 would be impracticable for human to drive this car that displays huge G-force going beyond 8g. [Via]