Is it true that you want a charger that will juice up your phone in just like 30 seconds? An Israel-based company StoreDot has carried out a successful experiment on Samsung Galaxy S4 to juice it up using their next-gen battery pack in Tel Aviv University. Yea, raise your eyebrows; the best part is that they did it in just 30 seconds. The technology used is of nanodots which are comprised of microscopic magnets that let your phone battery recharged super fast. Doron Myersdorf, the CEO at StoreDot, explains that they have used new materials to develop a new electrode named as Multi Function Electrode. One side of this electrode functions as a Supercapacitor for very fast charging while the other one as lithium electrode for slow discharge. The bad part is that this technology is in early phase and would not be available for public until 2016. For the price hint, just know they have raised $6.25 million only for research, yet no one on earth would hesitate to grab it using any means including money.