After a  self balancing Electric Unicycle Scooter,a flying car and a hover-board it’s time for Quadrofoil -an electric watercraft with C-foil technology to lift the vessel above water and skim above some height over the sea.Designed by three solvenian designers and powered by an electric motor,this dual seat watercraft gives you a silent-smooth-comfortable ride and that too without injecting carbon-based fuels into the subsurface ecosystem. Its patented, integrated steering system, a steering wheel with an integrated touch screen that keeps you informed about battery life, range, speed, and Power Consumption, and since its lightweight composite hull weighs only 220 pounds, makes it easy for you to get in and out of the water.Safety provisions include: an anti-collision system (the insect’s legs) designed to absorb shock upon impact; a hollow hull that renders the Quadrofoil unsinkable; and a coupla life jackets and a paddle for times when the lazy, sun-kissed river turns into Shit Creek.Get ready for a new and thrilling water experience.

Available at for $28,000