In the age of prefabricated screen protectors, Team ProtectPax (Pascal & Ratingen) introduced a way better solution for the Smart Devices Screens. It doesn’t only protect the screen from scratches and prevent it from breaking but also it makes the screen liquid repellent. The innovative liquid is enriched with titanium dioxide nano particles that closes the wells on the screen and makes the screen hard as sapphire or ruby for up to 365 days. The liquid stays on the screen as a protective layer of nano particles and gives the features of 9h hardness that doesn’t only actively fights with scratches but also prevents it from breaking. The product is good for any Smartphone, Tablet, Glasses. Back the project on Indiegogo.

Anti-Scratch Hardness of 9h like Ruby or Sapphire

Apply the liquid glass with the included sealing cloth to spread the liquid evenly

Available at for $15+