A unique machine design based on Honda RC51 SP2. The project was first introduced at the Salon de la Moto that was held in last December. After being unveiled to the public for the first time in Paris, this unique machine will be on sale in the coming weeks.

PRAEM is a young brand started in 2014 by two brothers Sylvain and Florent Berneron. The first embodiment of the French duo is thus the SP3. A name that has not been chosen at random because it’s a Honda VTR 1000 SP2 RC51.

The engine of the RC51 is mainly made of magnesium and aluminum while the distribution is via a cascade of gears rather than a string or a conventional belt. Despite its quality design, machine series had some weaknesses compared to the factory model, brakes and suspension were not as good as the rest of the chassis, especially the rear cylinder was locked in the tank, creating heat issues and therefore reliability. Praem has therefore set out to correct these defects by keeping the engine block and all the original geometry.

The chassis has greatly expanded with the use of components among the most developed market: Rotobox carbon rims, Brembo radial brakes and carbon-ceramic discs or a full Öhlins suspension. But what strikes first when discovering the SP3 is certainly its design. Defined by its creators as a Sport-GT, the Praem SP3 is distinguished by its full fairing made of 2mm stainless son and inspired by the work of Korean artist Park Seung Mo.

However, these brothers are more than purely aesthetic since they allow influencing the porosity by varying their density. The penetration of air is favored here at Ram air primarily as the heat dissipation at the side heaters. To this are added other noble materials such as aluminum tank or Alcantara saddle.

Started in January 2015, the project took a total 4000 hours of work, from design to manufacturing. The prepared engine now allows to develop 165 horsepower and 125 Nm for a dry weight of 180 kg while the new tank has a capacity of 12 liters.

The auction event will be held on 4th February in Bonhams. The SP3 is already estimated at between €95,000 to €145,000. But now all depends on how auction goes.

Available at bonhams.com for €TBD