Ever wondered why your paper airplane wouldn’t go far straight and high when you were a kid? Well, it’s never too late to get the answer of childhood hitches as Shai Goitein from New York has designed a small but matchless paper plane which goes farthest, fastest, is directly controlled by your smartphone with a dedicated app (both for iOS and Android), and called PowerUp 3.0. Let’s talk some of its impressive plots. Smart Module has to do all work; it’s made of crash-proof carbon fiber frame and has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery on one end and a fan with precision control to shove it right or left. The app is wonderful which allows you to fully control the flight. It features Ascend/Descend lever, compass, battery level, range indicator, charging status indicator and a horizon plane. Tilt your iPhone right or left, and your airplane will do the same. All this wireless communication ranges 55 meters and works via Bluetooth smart technology.
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Available at kickstarter.com for $40