Animated Feature Film ‘Big Hero 6’ has an action figure cosplay GoGo Tomago who rolls like a daredevil adrenaline junkie using maglev discs as skates and shields. Though not exact disc wheels of hers, Those Annular Skates can be a favorite weapon for ‘Big Hero 6’ fans if they want to join the force. Both wheels, better called Annular Skates, are 10-in in diameter and have no board whatsoever. As per argument, these are neither post modern nor skateboard.

Also known as ‘Post Modern Skateboard’, the Sidewinding Circular Skates seems to be similar to caster boards. Inside, they have a platform each to place feet on. Just put your feet on the platform and lean side-to-side to rotate the rubber wheels. This will start a forward movement, propelling the rider in a serpentine motion. In order to stop it, just let your toes place on the ground.

Since the wheels are not connected, it might take time to be an expert if you want to perform 720-degrees spins and turn on a dime or cruise down sidewalks, short grass and dirt surfaces. However, the package also includes an extendable metal beam to connect both wheels to make an easy learning of propulsion for novices. Checkout the action in the video.
[Via Gizmodo]

Available at for $100