Design consultancy firm Teague presents an idea of the future of air travel experience, a concept of air-travel brand Poppi. The purpose of Poppi is to provide better solutions for various problems and system defects, such as delayed flights, desired seating, luggage tracking even entertainment for passengers. From leaving home to living in a hotel at destination the Poppi will offer everything. Poppi hopes to combine Uber and Airnb services at the same time to bring an innovation for the aviation industry.

Poppi will offer a passengers app to receive real-time information about the flight status so that passenger will not have to wait or delayed flights or boarding. Baggage with RFID tags will track location and send alert to passengers while staying in hotel or airport lounge sitting area. Furthermore Poppi will be able to resolve accommodation issues before landing to travel destinations. Check the image gallery to see how Poppi dreams to create a new air-travel experience.