If you always struggle running the errands and carrying things around, Piaggio recently introduced Gita — an autonomous robot to only help you with that. Piaggo is an Italian company, known for making Moto Guzzi Motorcycles and Vespa Scooters. Gita features a similar function to Motorized Suitcase by called COWAROBOT. The robot features same braking, balancing and other vehicle dynamics that you would expect from a high-performance motorcycle. It can move as fast as 22 mph and carry upto 40 pounds (in 2000 cubic of volume). The batteries can last upto 8 hours when it’s working at normal walking speed. The robot can easily handle irregular surfaces, indoors, sidewalks and streets etc. If you have an urgent task to do and don’t have time to fetch things yourself, you can even send Gita to bring things from the store using simple pre-assigned waypoints. It basically senses the environment with on-board 360 degree camera and responds accordingly. The robot also features touchscreen interface, led lights and sounds to communicate. In order to protect your belongings, the robots has a built-in lock and just in case you think it’ll lose the track you can always track it online.

Available at piaggiofastforward.com for $TBA