DJI’s latest and smartest drone the Phantom 2 Vision+ seems to offer quite compelling features and all in one outperformed package this time. For enthusiast, it’s known that this is a revised yet fully upgraded version of previous Phantom 2 Vision. It was a time you had to fix your GoPro with this flying ghost. This RC quadrocopter is now specially made to take some pretty awesome aerial shots and HD videos with its integrated 14 megapixels camera. We expect serious tech buffs to get excited to know its featured 3-axis electronic stabilizer, which means no shaky videos or stills to jumble the viewers’ brain. Built-in GPS lets you get even smoother photos and offers some other stunning features like height and distance limitations, Air Safety Controls to restrict your guy entering forbidden areas like airports. To direct your camera straight down, the built-in gimbal does the job to catch a bird’s eye view shot. Of course, it all worths a handsome price. Amazon has received many pre-orders so far and the shipping will start next week.

Available at for $1299