Owning a boat house on a lake somewhere in the wilderness is becoming a trend of the age now. Muskoka Lakes Boathouse at Muskoka Lake, Ontario, Canada, is one of those stunning and gorgeous houses you ever see. It was designed by the Ottawa based Christopher Simmonds. The house was rebuilt into a 600sq.ft house with the additional guest suite as a second floor. It features a complete kitchenette, bedroom with roof terrace, attached 3 piece washroom, a garage for 2 speed boats and a spare living space. The peripheral main volume is stained with western red cedar used on the ground floor and above. The walls are enclosed with colored cement panels and steel framed stairs with a wire lattice. The house mediates between extensive views of the wilderness and the immediacy of the forested bay shoreline involving the open lake breezes.

Available at csarchitect.com for $TBA