Starting with the simplest words, this mobile phone is made to recharge the battery of your smartphone on its own, as long as there’s light, not much different to photosynthesis. Tag Heuer is a Watch Manufacturer Company based in Switzerland and has recently launched their self-charging mobile phone named Meridiist. All that works is a smart transparent panel layered beneath the LCD. The panel has its own two layers – a lenticular film embossed with photovoltaic cells to receive the light and a tray having semi-cylindrical shapes to focus the light. The light may be natural or artificial although Tag Heuer has not revealed the exact course of electricity generation; they call it Perpetual Power Reserve. Additionally, the phone will feature 5 MP camera and 8 GB memory. Bringing infinite power source withing this very mobile, imagine how much comfort you’ll feel when you cross out the typical chargers from your smart life. The price is still not announced, yet the guess makers hunch around 3000 pounds. [VIA]