Misfit is a well-known producer for fitness trackers. Their latest product is if Mitfit Specter, which combines in-ear headphone and a fitness tracker. These Bluetooth headphones allow up to ten hours listening to music and just rely on a clip-on receiver. And it records fitness metrics like any other fitness tracking.

Misfit Specter is able to measure the quality of sleep, which does not serve much we’re not going to sleep with headphones but since it uses the same hardware necessary to count steps. The company says it is for cases like when we travel and we fell asleep.

Misfit Link App covers other areas of non-fitness realm. A configurable button on the other side of the clip allows controlling other hardware in neighborhood. These are mainly home appliances like Philips Hue (bulbs), Nest (thermostats, CO alarms, etc.) Or even Internet services like Spotify and IFTTT. Misfit Specter will be available in coming months. No words on price have been told but you can subscribe at Misfit Specter site to get updates.

Available at misfit.com for $TBA