Ruggie is the ultimate alarm clock for real time savers. But we must say that average sleeper will not be very happy with it. Unlike your regular alarm clock Ruggie has no snooze option. Ruggie is a mat with built-in alarm clock. Once the alarm starts, you’ll have to step over it up and stand for three seconds otherwise, it won’t stop. Yes two feet for minimum three seconds (or more if upon your desire) – cheating with one foot will not work. What you already starting hating it? There is more.

Snoozing just a little harder, designer Winson Tam made a touch sensor and digital display so the time, with bright light projected onto the mat. To be able to properly motivate he made foam padding, which in his own words feels as soft as a cloud.

As a special feature, the Ruggie has got a built-in speaker that tells motivational quotes. And yeah it allows setting your favorite quotes. Ruggie is available through Kickstarter for $82.

Available at for $82