There are some pieces of furniture out there whose quality really does speak for itself and positively exude luxury, style and sophistication. One such example of this is the wonderfully iconic and world renowned Barcelona Chair from Mies Van Der Rohe, a German / American architect and furniture designer.

The stunning Barcelona Chair was originally released in 1929 as Van Der Rohe’s entry to the International Exposition held in the city after which the chair is named. It boasts an exceptional level of luxury and rapidly became one of the world’s most celebrated and sought after pieces of designer furniture. The breathtaking Barcelona Chair is a favourite amongst interior designers looking to furnish contemporary, stylish homes because its the sort of statement piece that really brings a room to life.


The design of the Barcelona Chair is relatively straightforward – leather straps to suspend leather covered cushions – but it remains, to this day, one of the most recognisable and iconic pieces of designer furniture to have emerged from the 20th century. It is astonishing to think, when you look at the contemporary look and feel of the Barcelona Chair, that Mies Van Der Rohe originally released it almost a century ago in 1929.

It is testament to his skills as a designer that it has stood the test of time so well and remains such a popular choice for homeowners today. The Don Draper-esque appeal of the Barcelona Chair is plain to see and for any man looking for a sartorially superior form of seating, then this is surely it.

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