There is a place in the world where they create the best special that you can find around. It’s called Officine Rossopuro and based in Pescara. Philip Barbican – the name of the one who is behind the garage – has now brought his creations to what Americans would define as the “next level”. Rossopuro workshops now designs motorbikes scratch, forming small masterpieces of engineering. Such is the case of Lvpvs Alpha, a single copy carried out with the collaboration of Walter Tosto, a company specializing in the production of reactors used in refinery, chemical and petrochemical plants worldwide.

The bike gets new forks. Both are the result of a 3D design made specifically according to the requirements of Officine Rossopuro. Also the two rear shock absorbers were replaced. In their place a new mechanism consisting of a dual-sided view that leaves the card, connected to two units Bitubo. The rear frame carrier is CNC, obviously built adhoc, the tank has been moved to the rear position and is CNC, while six-piston calipers are made of Incoloy 800h, the material from which the products are of reactors are made. It ensures excellent resistance to high temperatures, pressure and corrosion.

In place of the old tank there is now a voluminous “box” in carbon, within which is contained the battery, the control unit and the components of the electric circuit. Enjoy

Available at for $TBA