Looking for an eco-retreat? How about retreating in your own self-sustaining Solar Floating Island Resort! (but only if you have extra money and are addicted to luxury). This conceptual hotel by Italian industrial designer Michele Puzzolante, is part submarine, part yacht, part hotel suite. Requiring no sailing and controlled by a pilot this floating craft has the freedom of a boat, which is fitted out to the high standards of a five-star hotel. It is entirely sustainable and eco-friendly; energy comes from photovoltaic panels in the wood-and-fibreglass skin. Puzzolante intends the SFR as an addition to a beachfront hotel or Island Resort, whereby guests could book the room and anchor at a central docking station or venture out into open sea.The round shape of the vessel provides constant exposure to the sun, feeding batteries during daylight hours to supply clean energy through the night.Responding well to rising sea levels due to climate change this 110 square meter eco-friendly, the Solar Floating Island is a luxurious aquatic escape. Featuring an on-deck jacuzzi, full kitchen and bar, comfortable sleeping quarters, and a spiral staircase that leads to an underwater observation room-the most exciting feature of all: an underwater glass room for 360-degree views of marine life, furnished with armchairs for submarine viewing, Steve Zissou-style , the sleek island is designed to provide a full resort experience while remaining close to nature and aquatic life.This aquatic escape is a waterworld-esque floating island that offers a slice of the good life -though extraordinarily expensive and impractical – but hey we’re on vacation.

Available at world.com for £145m+