Take your 3D creativity to the next level with this Lix 3D pen, a new arrival on Kickstarter. We already have a kind of pen on the same platform namely 3Doodle doing the same stuff. However, comparatively speaking, the Lix 3D is much more lightweight and a little smaller (40 grams – 180mm) than 3Doodle (200 grams – 164mm), and all you need in a careful live 3D art is less weight and balanced design. With a smaller diameter too, it offers an easier and natural grip that other 3D pens don’t offer yet. Doodle in the air as you imagine a thing should be, whether it’s a basket, bowl, sculpture or any home décor design. It functions as same as a 3D printer does, melting and cooling the colored ABS/PLA plastic to create rigid, temperature-resistant and freestanding construction of art. The pen is powered by any USB 3.0 port. Just insert the plastic filament (included) of any color and plug in the power cable to USB port, wait for a minute to heat up the nozzle and then start doodling. With all these wanted and artist-friendly features, the Lix 3D pen becomes an ideal 3D pen brand new in the market. Available in black matte and grey matte colors.

Available at kickstarter.com for $135+