The Light Phone is, admit it or not, a dire need of the hour in the world of digital distraction and 24/7 connectivity. Emails waking you up in the morning or, the worst case scenario, checking notifications and making comments on social media while being in the restroom, we all need a pause. The Light Phone is a positive distraction from the world of wired and wireless communication. Instead of living in an island with no internet access (hey, such remotest places do really exist See This), we may have this Anti-Smartphone which can be used for calls only.

This credit card sized phone has a beautiful white matte surface, 4mm thick and weighs 38 grams only. It features dot matrix display, a touch module, SIM card slot, speaker, microphone, volume control, power, built-in battery with 20 days backup, and a USB port, that’s all. It is a pre-paid GSM cell phone and comes preloaded with minutes, SIM card, and an app that syncs it with the existing mobile. Light Phone is wonderfully very smart, though not a “Smartphone”.

Light Phone uses its own phone number, and its app allows you to forward the calls you want to receive from the existing number (smartphone). The basic purpose is for you to use it as little as possible and enjoy the moment while being connected.

Available at for $100