Super lightweight, rugged and exceptionally powerful – the fast and fun Kuberg Freerider electric bike is ideal for beginners as well as experienced drivers, teenager and adult. The 8kW strong and brushless motor together with an innovative approach to 22Ah battery gives you up to 1 hour of driving at full speed. Charging that takes place through an ordinary electrical outlet takes up to 60min. The cutting edge technology of Free Rider gives you rapid acceleration linear power, less maintenance and recharging time, instead you get more time to active and fun driving.

Thanks to the long suspension travel is Freeridern ready to face all the obstacles you set in its path, it takes you ease up on tough terrain and over jumps. The hardened brakes are designed to respond quickly in demanding situations, again and again, without getting overheated.

You can connect your Freerider with a companion app via a Bluetooth dongle(sold separately) to gain control of the heart of your motor bike. Easy to install and gives you access to information from all the sensors, all wirelessly to iOS or Android app. The app allows you to manage the settings of both speed and twist, see the battery capacity and you can log and share your rides and thus compare with your friends or your previous races.

Available at for $3999+