The Kitewing by OY Kitewing Sports will make every enthusiast addicted to wind once he tries these amazing hand-held Wings. Whether you use mountain boards, skateboards, skiing, dirt surfing, roller blades or even skating, this versatile wings will rock on any low friction surface and extract the true spirit of sports inside your person. These portable wings can also be packed up in your ski bag easily so you can take it anywhere on the go. You don’t necessarily need to find a countryside or snowy hilly spot for adventure. In fact, these wings have no strings or straps attached, which means you can hang around your park in front of your home among the trees. Drop it to stop it. Thus the maneuverable feature accompanied by its lightweight makes it all possible for you and your family to enjoy a safe, thrilling and full of acceleration fun sports. Catch the wind anywhere, in land, water, ice or desert.

Available at for $870+