Kingii Life Saving Inflatable Wristband is the smallest and the most portable form. It is the best companion for you if you have plans for any kind of activity and adventure related to water sports. Just wear like a wristband, pull up the pull-lever while in deep water, inflation bag will pop out in seconds inflating automatically. It will drag you to the safety, up to the surface.

There is a compass on strap and a whistle is also attached so that people can find you when blown. Inside the small tank, it has takes a standard canister containing compressed gas CO2 inside. There is a small compartment that keeps the canister secure. The canister is available in almost every sports shop. Your Indiegogo package includes two canisters.

Backers at Indeigogo have acted like Apple consumers and backed this project with over 800% and it still has four days to go. Seems like people are unexpectedly interested in water recreations and well aware of the safety measures.

Available at for $70