Available for pre-order since Wednesday, iPad Pro arrives in the Apple Store Friday, November 13. The large size of Apple tablet is on sale for prices starting at $799 with 32 GB of memory, up to $1079 for the 128 GB Optional accessories are sold. Stylus is displayed at $99 and keyboard from $169.

In general, everyone is excited about the format and unprecedented power of this new iPad. The screen size 12.9 inches against less than 10 inches for conventional iPad offers an experience that “has nothing in common with Other iPad. The screen definition (2732 x 2048 pixels) allows naturally exploit the split screen function that allows the iPad to work on two applications at a time. The Retina display with 5.6 million pixels provides a high contrast image quality and bright.

The iPad Pro features a new 64-bit chip A9X, developed especially for it. CPU is powered run intensive tasks such as editing movies in 4K. The responsiveness is doubled compared to the iPad Air. This power boost enables the tablet to target the creative professions and professionals.

Available at apple.com for $799