Who else wants to live like an eagle high in the sky 24/7 and enjoy 360º splendid views from all directions? Eagles View Suite is a remarkable hotel, better be called ‘Eagle’s Nest’ located in the heights of Iso Syote, Finland. It has all those things which make it unique and luxurious hotel suite. Everything is made of glass whether it be walls or roof, to make you thrilled by the views from all directions. Two things here you will love the most, midnight sun and the Northern Lights, no matter if you are lying on your bed or taking a hot bath in Jacuzzi. The suite has two levels, both having a tree in the center. On the ground level, you’ll find a living room heated with fireplace and having comfortable sofas and big TV screen, luxurious bathroom, and a private sauna. Upper level contains a Jacuzzi and a bed you’ll use to look up in the winter enjoying the nature’s wonders.