So this is what we want to see, a unique pod that houses an iPad too. Hammacher Schlemmer has designed a complete and Immersive Audiophile Pod for music lovers that not only makes you listen but also feel it. It has five built-in powerful speakers tucked into the ceiling with separate tweeters, mid-range drivers and a subwoofer. The killing music experience you go through comes when the Pod creates frequencies down to 16Hz, just inaudible to a human ear. But, what you feel are the chilling vibrations transmitted by a structure-borne membrane inside the backrest. A 16 GB swiveling iPad is also included in the Pod, rests on a brushed aluminum mount inside the Pod. Of course, it will work as a music bank. Further, the integrated RCA ports in the Pod allow you to connect to an external audio source. Made in Germany, the Immersive Pod features aniline dyed leather exterior paired with plush microfiber upholstery. The pod stands on a stanless steel base that rotates it up to full 360 degrees.

Available at for $32,000